Providing youth at-risk with the opportunity to ride a horse, giving our horses the chance to change lives. 

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    The Tuff Therapeutic Riding Foundation provides therapeutic riding lessons for youth at-risk in Ontario. We serve youth who are involved with Children's Aid Services, youth struggling with or addictions, and LGBTQ2+ youth. Our riders come from diverse backgrounds and experiences, but they are similarly struggling emotionally and behaviourally and are considered at-risk.

      Participating youth are provided the opportunity learn basic horsemanship and riding skills in a uniquely supportive environment. Our magical horses have a way of bringing out leadership qualities, channelling emotions in a positive way, and grounding our participants in the present moment. Through interacting with their horse, participants are able to develop life skills, build confidence, and gain insight into themselves. Our goal is to create an experience where each participant feels successful, empowered and connected to their horse

    We rely on the generosity of private and corporate donations.