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Carey Green—Chairman of the Board

Cary is the Chairman of Greenwin Corp., one of Canada’s largest privately owned, full-service property management and development firms. Serving in this role since 1980, Cary has been responsible for all of Greenwin's political relationships related to the development of housing and office space in Toronto, Florida, Montreal, Ottawa and Moncton, N.B


Katie Wookey—Director

Katie Wookey currently runs The Hockley General Store in Hockley Valley and is the co-founder of a plant based coconut yogurt company called Simpla Foods. She holds a BA and a MBA and played NCAA college tennis at Rollins College in Florida. Katie has been a horse lover since she was a little girl, has riden her whole life and has first hand experience with the positive impact that horses can have on humans. 


Robin Ott—Treasurer

With bases in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley and Toronto,  Robin is an entrepreneur with a track record of supporting entrepreneurs and businesses in Canada and internationally. Through her company, Clear Path Inc., she has provided a broad range of services to other companies focused on building and managing infrastructure and organizational systems. Robin’s project management work includes office builds, renovations, and the set up of initial office operations for a multi-national music company with eight offices in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.


Ellen Downey—Executive Director

Ellen Downey is the chief executive officer, program director, creator of the program and the Founding Member of the Foundation.

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