Meet our boys 



Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding

Stands 15.2 hands

Born in 2006

Donated by Ellen & Jim Downey and currently in need of a sponsor

This man is the homebred baby of TTRF - he was literally born for this job! Bubba is goofy and charming and always spends as much time snuggling with his riders as he can get away with! He is exceptionally kind and sweet and wrinkles up his nose like a bunny when he's happy! Bubba is super sensitive and tunes in deeply to this riders, looking to them to reassure him and be in control, so he's very good at brining out confidence and leadership skills. 



Gray Swiss Warmblood Gelding
Stands 16 hands
Born in 1994

Donated by Larkin Ridpath and sponsored by Robin Ogilvie

Affectionately known as Saint Carusso, this guy just might be the sweetest horse in the world. Carusso is very affectionate and likes to give people hugs by wrapping his whole neck around them.

Gentle and kind, Carusso is the master of making his rider feel safe. He is the perfect mount for riders who are timid or unsure about horses as he is very reassuring and keeps things at a very slow pace - sometimes maybe even too slow! He does hold the title of being the slowest horse in the program, but he teaches persistence and perseverance!

In his younger years Carusso did extensive Dressage showing with his previous owner and this training has made him very in tune with his riders. And don't be fooled by his slow-poke act - he's still got a few fancy dressage moves up his sleeve! 



Chestnut Gelding
Stands 16.2 hands
Born in 2002

On loan from Aeron and Emily Rykert and currently in need of a sponsor

Hank the tank was welcomed into our TTRF team in 2019 and he's made quite the impression in his first year! Hank's a real pro who had a long career on the Ontario Trillium Hunter show circuit before coming to work in our program and he's brought all his experience and wisdom into his new job. Hank likes to really connect with his riders and loves getting lots of attention. He likes to push his boundaries sometimes so he's really good at teaching his riders how to be kind but firm leaders. Hank's been around the block and knows a thing or two so he is a great option for our riders who come to us already having horse experience. 




Chestnut Quarter Horse Gelding
Stands 15.3 hands
Born in 1994

Donated by Bob Rose and currently in need of a sponsor

My Kody is our kind of personality! This dude is an ex-barrel racer and he not shy about expressing himself, making him an expert in teachings riders how to read body language and speak horse! Kody might act tough sometimes but he's a softy at heart, and although it might take a little bit more for his riders to figure him out, once they do they have a true partner. 


Kody is often called our "magnifying mirror" because he doesn't just mirror his rider's emotions - he magnifies them times 10! Kody works very well with riders who are as sensitive as he is as he's the master of reflecting his riders emotions back at them. With his western background, Kody teaches his riders to let go and stay relaxed and really grounds his riders in the present moment. 




Black Canadian Sport Horse Gelding
Stands 16 hands
Born in 1992

Donated by the R.C.M.P and currently in need of a sponsor

Kracker is our resident barn clown! He is known for his sense of humour and always keeps his riders laughing. Before coming to Jewel View, Kracker's main job was teaching RCMP recruits how to ride AND he also pulled the official RCMP carriage. He was in charge of pulling the royal carriage when members of the royal family visited Ottawa, and he's even pulled Her Majesty the Queen in his carriage. 


Kracker is very expressive with his emotions, and when he's feeling good he flaps his lips to let you know just how happy he is! 



Dark Bay Hessen Warmblood Gelding
Stands 16.1 hands
Born in 2001

Donated by Laura O’Brien and currently in need of a sponsor

Sealy is our newest addition to the program and we are so excited about this handsome boy! He has such a great attitude, is always in a good mood and you can't help but feel happy handing around him. He's only been at Jewel View for a few months but don't let that fool you - he fit right into his new job like a pro. ​He is steady, calm and loves to cuddle and is best buds with Kracker and Walsh. 



Black Warmblood Gelding
Stands 16.3 hands
Born in 2002

Donated by David Prichard and Heather Hayne and currently in need of a sponsor

Walsh is fairly new to our team and he has settled perfectly into the groove of his new job. Walsh came to us after many years performing on the R.C.M.P. musical ride and was purchased especially for our program in the R.C.M.P. Horse Auction of October 2018. It didn't take him long to get used to his new home and we are so excited to have this special guy on our time!

Walsh is a very affectionate guy and would happily spend the day cuddling with a friend - His motto is "who needs to work when you could snuggle instead!"

A very special thank you to David Prichard and Heather Hayne who made it possible for Walsh to start this new chapter of his life here at TTRF.


no longer by our side, but forever in our hearts



Black Hanoverian Cross Gelding

16.1 hands

Donated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Matt was known around the barn for his intelligence and his super serious attitude. We used to joke that he was up at night doing math equations and science experiments in his stall! A former horse in the RCMP Musical Ride, Matt traveled all around the world performing before spending the last five years of his live enjoying his forever home at Jewel View. 

When Matt started out in a lesson he would kick things off with his famous 'power walk' - just his way of letting us know he was ready to go and taking his job seriously! He was exceptionally kind and never put a foot wrong - even with such a fast walk, he made all his riders feel very safe. 

Matt loved Tic-Tacs, going out for hacks and his best friend was Kracker, who he was known to share a stall with on occasion. 

We are heartbroken to have lost Matt but we are forever grateful for the time we got to spend with him. Thank you Matt for your years of dedication to our program; the patience and kindes you showed all of us will never be forgotten. 




Black Hanoverian Cross Gelding

17.3 hands

Donated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Rocamo was the biggest horse that we have ever had in the program, but boy did he have a heart to match his size. Roc was incredibly handsome and charming with loads of personality, and he bonded very deeply with his riders. Rocamo was very smart and could be cheeky when left to his own devices, so he taught his riders how to be gentle but firm leaders - and the importance of always have a plan!

His name Ro-ca-mo stands for Royal Canadian Mounted, and he used to be the lead horse in the RCMP musical ride before coming to spend the last chapter of his life at Jewel View. 


Rocamo LOVED to sniff hair, and would happy stand for hours with his nose buried in his rider's hair. He was also the master of giving himself serious mud baths and was known to be caked in mud by the end of most spring days .

Rocamo was an exceptionally special horse and we are devastated to have lost this unique boy. We feel very lucky to have been a part of his life, and will never forget the impact that he made on so many lives and on our program as a whole.