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HORSE ART: When it’s too hot to ride, we paint!

When it’s too hot to ride, we paint (well, the horses do) 🎨🐎

With temperatures soaring this past week, our program looked a bit different last night and everyone LOVED IT!

Using blank canvas( just simple ones we picked up from the dollar store) and paint the kids had their horses choose, we put the canvas carefully into zip lock bags.

We put applesauce and molasses onto outside of bag and presented it the artists (our horses of course) who then licked the applesauce and molasses until the master piece was complete.

We then carefully cut the zip lock bag off with the help of our volunteers and then some of the kids added sparkles or stars, completing the pieces with a signature.

The best part besides the wonderful art was the huge smileswe saw the whole time. Each partnership was unique and very reflective of their horse’s approach. What an amazing relationship building time - not to mention entertaining 💙💛

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