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Thank You Woodbine Cares!

Updated: Mar 19

We are so thankful for our wonderful sponsors and we are thrilled to welcome Woodbine Cares as a 'Canter' level sponsor for the Tuff program.

Woodbine Cares Foundation is a philanthropic arm of Woodbine Entertainment and strives to be recognized as a caring and innovative corporate community builder, Their mission is to build relationships and initiatives that contribute to healthy places to play, work, live, learn and grow.

The foundation follows three themes when supporting their many causes – Vibrant and Connected Communities, For the Love of Horses and the Environment & Sustainability, a perfect match for the Tuff Therapeutic Riding Foundation.

Over the last decade, Woodbine Entertainment has given over $10 million in financial and in-kind contributions and since 1997, Woodbine has earned the designation of being an Imagine Canada Caring Company, where a minimum of 1% of our pre-tax profits is invested in communities.

Be sure to watch the video below and see their website for more on the great work they are doing.

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