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A BIG Thank you to Blundstone Canada

Thank you Blundstone Canada! Your donation of beautiful leather boots is greatly appreciated.

Not only by our program riders but, our horses really seem to be impressed with the variety and quality of these gorgeous boots.

We are so thankful for companies like Blundstone who support us and our endeavours with working alongside at-risk youth, and cannot thank them enough for their sponsorship with these with their product. 

Because the youth in our program do not come to us as seasoned equestrians, and have for the most part, never interacted with a horse, they do not always have the equipment necessary to ride. We rely on wonderful businesses and their generosity to help cloth our riders to have the best experience possible with our horses. Not only are Blundstone boots, functional and safe for riding, they are beautifully crafted as you can see from the photos.

Thank you to the people at Blundstone for making this donation possible. We know these boots will continue to be appreciated by our riders and program. Our former RCMP musical ride horses have even given their stamp of approval!

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