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Tuff Talks to PONIES 24-7: The Radio Magazine

A brief intro from Ponies 24-7 The Radio Magazine

'They’re at the post…..and so are we. Have you always wanted to learn more about the world of horse racing? Join Ann Rohmer and Larry Simpson. From Woodbine Racetrack and Woodbine Mohawk Park to races across the Province, the United States and around the world, Ponies 24-7 The Radio Magazine will take you track-side. Brought to you by Woodbine and Woodbine Mohawk Park. Exclusive to 105.9 The Region.'

Sat, 06 Jul 2024 08:00:00 -0400 • 59 minutes

Larry and Ann are joined by Ellen Downey, CEO and Creator of Tuff Therapeutic Riding Foundation, who discusses the mandate for the Foundation and why she set up the program initially. She also discusses how some of the horses that she uses for the therapy are former horses with the RCMP’s Musical Ride and talks about how ‘Tuff’  is partially funded through the ‘Woodbine Cares’ initiative and what would be a typical day for the youths that attend  the program.

Woodbine Thoroughbred Trainer Steve Flint, who discusses how he ended up as Racing Manager for CamHaven Farms Thoroughbred Racing Division and how the 2004 racing season has been going for him. He also talks about some of the horses and tracks across North America and his background as a Trainer and also mentions who he mentored under and whether there was any adjustment for him training over the Tapeta surface at Woodbine.

Woodbine Clocker and Oddsmaker Ernie Perri joins us for the first time in 2024 and  discusses both of his roles at Woodbine and mentions some of the better racing performances that he has witnessed so far at Woodbine this season. Ernie also talks about his ‘Clocker Special’ today and talks about a horse that is racing at Woodbine on Sunday that was Ultra impressive in his last start. In our feature, ‘In Case You Missed It’ A Look at The Way It Was in Horse Racing News, Larry talks about Woodbine Apprentice Jockey Austin Adams who was recently invited to ride in a special stakes race at Deauville -La Toques Racecourse. In our new regular feature, ‘Road Trip,’

Larry talks about todays Belmont Derby Invitational Stakes at Belmont at Aqueduct and mentions about some of the history behind the race itself and who he believes the race ‘goes through’ later today. He also provides his ‘Ponies Picks of the Day’ selections for several North American Racetracks today, later in the show. 


Key Points: 

  • Ellen talks first about Tuff Therapeutic and how and why she came up with the idea of the Foundation. She also talks about the youths that attend the program and how some of the horses are former RCMP Musical Ride horses and why they are ideal to work with the “’Youths at Risk.’ Ellen also mentions what the bond is between the horses and the youth and what would be a typical day for the youths involved in the Tuff program and what is her own background with horses. Ellen also talks about how the ‘Woodbine Cares’ initiative has been so welcomed by Tuff Therapeutic and why the program is for ‘Youth at Risk’ individuals.

Beyond Tuff in this episode:

  • Steve discusses the story of how he became Racing Manager for CamHaven Farms and his background as a Trainer, which included working for his father and Steve Asmussen. He also mentions how many horses CamHaven has stabled at Woodbine and how successful the season has been for them so far and talks about all the tracks that he has Trained at in his career and how Woodbine measures up to them. He also discusses if it is difficult Training horses over a Tapeta surface like they have at Woodbine and mentions in his career, who was the best horse that he was fortunate enough to train. He also shares whether besides his dad and Steve Asmussen, were there were any other Trainers that he could have considered mentors to his own Training career. 

  • Ernie discusses, for our new listeners, what his role as Clocker at Woodbine entails and mentions when handicapping, does he just concentrate on workouts, or does he have any other handicapping angles he may utilize. He also talks about how he regularly goes to Saratoga during the Summer and discusses whether he handicaps differently there. Ernie also talks about the Woodbine season so far and some of the impressive performances, which includes a horse that will be racing at Woodbine tomorrow and looks at todays Woodbine card and ‘gives out’ his ‘Clocker Special’ in one of todays races. Ernie also discusses the importance of the King’s Plate and a horse that looks to have a great chance to win this year’s edition and mentions about his other role at Woodbine as an Oddsmaker and talks about how he comes up with the Morning Line Odds for each race at Woodbine. 

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